Hobie Worlds and Europeans 2015 di Mitch Booth

20184524852_b7f0f165bb_kHobie events have a special vibe you don’t find at other sailing events.
Maybe it’s the Hobie style of off water social activities or maybe it’s the mix of many classes ,youth, mixed, women, masters, classic, or modern or maybe it’s the ideal venues we always end up racing. Whatever it is, the Hobie class is very special.
This year I raced with my 14 y.o. son Ruben on the Wildcat, the top of the Hobie racing range of boats. We had great success and shared some fantastic fun racing action together.
Gargnano, on Lake Garda proved a perfect venue with fantastic sailing conditions and friendly organizers.
The thing that sticks in my mind is just how many young sailors keep joining the Hobie fleets and how important the role Hobie plays in promoting the beach cat scene.
This year marked my 30th year racing Hobie Cat Worlds and 40th year sailing Hobie. I hope to see another 30 years sailing on Hobie.

Hobie way of life!

Mitch Booth